The conduct of trials on indictment is handled by independent counsel practising at the Bar who are engaged to represent the Director of Public Prosecutions on a case by case basis. Counsel prosecute in accordance with the Director’s instructions and in compliance with the Guidelines for Prosecutors. Retention on any panel is at the discretion of the Director, and is subject to satisfactory performance of work on her behalf, as will be determined by the Director.

Barristers are ordinarily expected to have a minimum of four years at the Irish Bar or relevant equivalent experience in order to be considered for work in all of these areas, except for High Court Bails (three years).

At present the Director maintains panels of barristers in respect of the following work:

  • Prosecutions on indictment in Dublin
  • Judicial Review
  • Habeas Corpus
  • High Court Bail
  • Confiscation of Assets
  • Prosecutions under the Health and Safety at Work Legislation
  • Sea Fisheries Prosecutions
  • Prosecutions on indictment outside Dublin (Circuit Court)

From time to time the Director seeks expressions of interest from barristers wishing to be considered for inclusion on the various panels of barristers.