30 June 2022

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Ms. Catherine Pierse, has today launched her Office’s Strategy Statement 2022-2024.

In her Foreword to the Strategy, the Director notes:

There is no doubt that this Strategy comes at a challenging time when there has been an unprecedented growth in the demands on the Irish prosecution service, arising largely from an increase in case files and from the backlogs caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  However, it is also a time of opportunity and this Strategy sets out our ambition to build on the already strong foundations of the Irish prosecution service…”.

The Director goes on to note:

This Strategy has been informed and shaped through a process of engagement with staff and a range of stakeholders, and it provides a clear and shared framework that sets out our four high level goals for the next three years and how they will be achieved.  This is based on a vision of the Office of the DPP leading a trusted and independent prosecution service for all the people of Ireland.” … “A plan for significant investment in the prosecution service – including in our digital and ICT capability, as well as investment in our people – will be key to the delivery of some of the actions in this Strategy.”

Regarding the Office of the DPP’s core values, the Director highlights that:

A functioning prosecution system is fundamental to the rule of law in any democracy.  Every case that is submitted to our Office involves real people – victims, suspects, witnesses – and our decisions can have life-changing consequences for those involved.  The staff of my Office have a very strong awareness of the responsibility that this brings, and of the overriding importance of ensuring that we perform our functions independently and to the highest possible standards.  The Strategy therefore places an importance both on what we do and how we do our work.  Our shared values will guide our work and support the delivery of our strategic goals and priorities over the next few years.”

Lastly, the Director states:

Over the period of the Strategy, we will work closely with our staff and key stakeholders to review and refine our priorities as necessary to meet the needs of the fast-changing world around us.  Our experiences during the recent past – and the valuable lessons we have learned from them – makes me confident in our ability and agility to respond to emerging and unforeseen challenges.”

The full Strategy Statement 2022-2024 for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions is now available to read here on this website.

Any queries should be emailed to: media.liaison@dppireland.ie