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Victims & Witnesses

If you or someone in your family is the victim of a crime or if you have witnessed a crime being committed, you will become involved in the criminal justice system.  This can be a very confusing and stressful experience for you.  The criminal justice system can seem very complex, especially when you are also coping with the effects of the crime itself.


This section of our website is dedicated to victims and witnesses and tries to answer the questions people ask us most often.  The Brief Guide to the Criminal Justice System explains what happens when:

  • a crime is reported
  • a file goes to the DPP
  • the DPP decides to prosecute or not to prosecute
  • a case goes to court

If you are a victim or a witness we hope you will find the Guide useful and that it will help you to understand how the justice system operates.  You can also read our two information booklets The Role of the DPP and Going to Court as a Witness which contain similar information to the Guide.  They are available online or you can request printed copies by telephone +353 (0)1 858 8500 or by e-mail at


You will also find other useful information in this section of the website, including Useful Contacts and details of the Crime Victims Helpline which provides a support service for victims of crime.

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